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Unity Thrust


The Unity Thrust espouses the School Mission and the School Vision as our purpose and direction  

School Mission - Every Unitian has great potential. The school exists to empower every student to be developed to their fullest potential so that they can lead a productive life and make contribution to others and the society.

School Vision  - All Teachers and Unitians aspire to develop the school into a place where staff and students have the Passion to Learn, Drive to Excel and Commitment to Serve.

The Unity Thrust espouses the School Outcomes we aspire to achieve

Student Outcome - Holistic Student Development is the highest goal of the school. Every Unitian aspires to be developed into a holistic person with the Passion to Learn, Drive to Excel and Commitment to Serve.

Staff Outcome - All teachers and school staff aspires to be part of a school team that exemplifies the Passion to Learn, Drive to Excel and Commitment to Serve.

Organisation Outcome - The school is committed to build strong organisational capabilities so as to develop every Unitians holistically with good management and partnerships.

The Unity Thrust states the school's Strategic Thrusts (STs) to achieve the school outcomes

ST 1 – All staff are committed to grow as a team with passion and professionalism.

ST 2 – Our teachers teach for understanding and help all students to achieve academic excellence.

ST 3 – We believe every student can be a leader and we are committed to develop all students into leaders.

ST 4 – Through high level of care from the school, our students exude strong discipline and pride.

ST 5 – We develop strong organisational capabilities and effective administration to support students’ development.

ST 6 – We build synergy with parents and strength with partnerships to support students’ learning and growth.

The Unity Thrust states the set of School Values and Motto that we uphold in guiding our thinking and actions

Respect We respect self and others in our actions and interactions.
Compassion We show compassion for all.
Commitment We are committed to always give our best.
Integrity We are anchored on integrity in all that we do.
Perseverance We will persevere on and never give up when faced with challenges.
Leading Self We are committed to guide our thoughts and actions with good values
Serving Others We help others and contribute to the community
Actualising Self We are committed to develop ourselves and strive for excellence
Inspiring Others We motivate and empower others in their thoughts and actions

The Unity Thrust puts the School Mission, School Vision, School Outcomes, School Strategic Thrusts and School Values and Motto in a clear perspective that explains their inter-relationships

Holistic Student Development is our Goal at the top
Staff Well-being is the Key to achieve our goal at the centre
Effective organisation is the Foundation forms the base

We are always anchored on and guided by the School Values and Motto in all our thinking and actions throughout our journey in realising the School Mission.