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Values in Action (VIA)

Values in Action (VIA)

An important platform for the character and leadership development of our students is through putting their values into action through the school’s Values-in-Action (VIA) programme. The school has developed a progressive 4-year VIA programme which is aligned to the CLD level outcomes for each level and provides platforms for students to put their values into action. Using the Head, Heart and Hands principles, the VIA activities also serve to instil in students a sense of compassion for the less fortunate, encourage volunteerism amongst them, as well as to provide opportunities for the students to lead themselves and serve others as concerned citizens.

The Lower Secondary Cohort will be rendering support to both the Unitians under financial assistance and the Children’s Charities Association (CCA), whilst the Secondary Three cohort would be initiating class VIA activities pertaining to national issues (such as reaching out to the ageing population or maintaining racial harmony). The Secondary Four and Five students will be involved in Service Learning Projects in conjunction with International Friendship Day to raise awareness on global issues.

The following are the VIA activities that our students will be involved in for 2016:




Sec 1

Newspaper and old clothes collection to help raise funds

Terms 1 & 2

Sec 2

Fun Fair to help raise funds

Terms 1 – 4

Sec 3

Class-Initiated VIA

Terms 1 – 3

Sec 4

Service Learning Projects in Conjunction with International Friendship Day

Terms 1 & 2

Sec 5

Service Learning Projects in Conjunction with International Friendship Day

Terms 1 & 2


Youth Day Appeal

Recycling @ Unity

Keep Unity Clean Movement

Term 3

Terms 1 – 4

Terms 1  4

Students are also encouraged to initiate their own VIA activities beyond the school to put their values and leadership skills learnt into actions.  At the end of each activity, the students will reflect on their learning and on how they have led themselves and served others through the VIA activities in their individual reflection logs. This reflection allows our Unitians to thoughtfully process their learning and helps them to internalize the school values. Students will also conduct a self-assessment on the attainment of the respective CLD level outcomes for them to take responsibility of their own learning and to further reinforce their learning.