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GCE O' Level MT LC on 27 July 2020

There will be O'Level Mother Tongue Listening Comprehension exams on 27 July from 2.30pm to 5.30pm. School will be dismissed at 1230pm. 

Early Dismissal on 9 July 2020

Students will be dismissed at 1230pm to facilitate set up for Polling day except for Sec 4&5 Students taking MTL Oral exams on 9 July. As 10 July is a Polling Day,there will be no school on that day. 

2020 Term 3 WA Schedule

Term 3 WA Schedule for Sec 1-3 can be found here

2020 Sec 4/5 Prelim Exams Schedule

The schedule for Sec 4/5 Prelims Exams can be found here

Sem 2 Timetable

Dear Unitians,the timetable for Semester 2 can be found here

Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 (May 2020) Newsletter can be found here

Parents Gateway

Dear Parents, the information on Parents Gateway can be found here.

20th Year Anniversary E-book

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