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Parents Tool Kit

Dear parents, here are some useful resources for you to support your child in their learning. 
You may click on the links below to access the resources. 

Cyber Wellness@Home & Learning with a Personal Learning Device

Learning Device

  •  How will learning be different with the personal learning device in Unity?
  •  What is the Acceptable User Policy (AUP) in Unity?

Learning Structures

  • Blended Learning Timetable
  • HBL Routine
  • Class Learning Routine

Learning and Communciation Platforms

  • Student Learning Space (SLS),  Google Classroom, Zoom
  • Parent Gateway (PG)

Managing Child's Use of Device

  • How can I help my child to navigate the digital environment?
  • How can I help ease my child into learning with a personal learning device?
  • Understanding a teenager’s point of view (Trust & Privacy)

Partnering Schools 

How can I actively partner my child’s school to reinforce good digital habits at home?

Support You May Need

How should I access resources to support my child in this digital learning journey?