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Physical Education (PE)

The school’s Physical Education (PE) programme provides a well-rounded perspective of what students need to do to enjoy good health and be able to appreciate and participate in a variety of sports and games, both in school and as recreational pursuits for life.

The programme complements other educational areas in promoting educational outcomes and developing the physical, intellectual, social and emotional aspects of the student through physical activities and theoretical lessons.

Aims of the PE Programme

To inculcate knowledge in attaining and maintaining a healthy level of physical fitness
To equip students with game skills so as to enable them to engage in physical activities and healthy lifestyle
To inculcate school values such as commitment, compassion, respect, integrity and perseverance
Fitness and Conditioning modules (theory and practical) and various sports modules are conducted during PE lessons.

Major events and programmes for PE include:

  • Healthy Lifestyle Week
  • Road Relay
  • Secondary 1 Adventure Quest
  • Secondary 3 Overseas Camp
  • Secondary 1 Swimming Programme
  • Sports Fiesta
  • ACES Day
  • NYAA
  • Wellness Programme