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Organisation Chart

School Leaders

Subject Matters: School Leadership
Mdm Aini Maarof
mdm Aini v3.jpg

Mr Daniel Ong Poh Soon 
Vice Principal (Academic) 
Mr Lau Khee Pheng
Vice Principal (Student Development)   
Mr Lau Khee Pheng.JPG

General Office

Staff Well-Being Department

Subject Matters: Staff Training & Development, Staff Welfare
Ms  Chua Bee Kuan
Administration Manager
Mr Shanmugam
School Staff Developer
Ms Chua Bee Kuan.JPG
mr shanmugam2.jpg

English (EL) Department

Subject Matters: English, English Literature, Music, Art
Mr Adrian Ng 
Mr Daniel Teo 
mr ng lip siang adrian2.jpg mr teo ee wee daniel2.jpg

Mother Tongue Languages (MTL) Department

Subject Matters: Chinese Language, Malay Language, Tamil Language, Non Tamil Indian Languages,
3rd Languages 
Ms Ng Say Hong
Mdm Rashidah
SH/Malay Language
 Ms Ng Pin Leng 
LH/Chinese Language
miss ng say hong2.jpg mdm rashidah2.jpg ms ng pin leng.jpg

Mathematics Department

Subject Matters: Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Principles of Accounts , Computer Applications          
Mr Tan Yee Kee
Mdm Ong Pei Ee
Mdm Jasmine Ng
mr tan yee kee.jpg mdm ong pei yee.jpg mdm ong siew meng jasmine.jpg

Science Department

Subject Matters: General Science , Chemistry , Biology and Physics
Mr Arul
mr arul.jpg

Humanities Department

Subject Matters: History, Geography, Social Studies
Mdm Khamilia
HOD Humanities
Mrs Jasmin Ram
Mrs Chan-Low Siew Peng
mdm khamilia.jpg mrs jasmin ram.jpg mrs chan low siew ping.jpg

Craft and Technology (C&T) Department

Subject Matters: Design and Technology, Food & Consumer Education, Food and Nutrition
Mr Rosman
mr rosman bin aziz.jpg

Physical Education and Co-curricular Activities (PE & CCA) Department

Subject Matters: Physical Education, CCA
Mr Robin Goh Jin Quan

Mr Low Yee Fun
Subject Head P.E 
Mr Robin Goh Jin Quan.jpg Low Yee Fun picture.png

Technology and Curriculum Department

Subject Matters: Curriculum Development, ICT in Teaching and Learning
Mr Tan Kee Seng
Mr Khor Whei Tong
mr tan kee seng2.jpg mr khor whei tong2.jpg

Student Development Department

Subject Matters: Pupil Well-being and Pastoral Care 
Mr William Boh
Year Head (Lower Secondary)
Mdm Norafizah
Year Head (Upper Secondary)
mr boh chuan xiang william2.jpg mdm norafizah2.jpg

Character & Leadership Development Department

Subject Matters: Leadership Development, Character & Citizenship Education
Mdm Nur Shaikhah bte Rajab
Acting SH/Character & Leadership Development
mdm nur shaikhah bte rajab.JPG

Pupil Guidance & Discipline Department

Subject Matters: Student Discipline, Education and Career Guidance
Mr Scott Chew
HOD/Pupil Guidance and Discipline Programme
Ms Ong Soo Chuin Jean
SH/NA & NT  
mr chew thiam teck scott2.jpg ms ong soo chuin jean.jpg

Student Leadership Development Committee

Mr Wong Yi Fong

Subject Head Student Leadership Development Committee 

mr wong yi fong.jpg
HOD - Head of Department 
SH - Subject Head 
ST - Senior Teacher