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School History

Unity Secondary School was established in January 2000 with 17 staff and 364 pupils. Mr N Satianathan, who was appointed Principal-designate in July 1999, became the school’s first Principal.

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The official opening ceremony of the school was held on 15 November 2001. The opening ceremony was officiated by Mr Yeo Cheow Tong, then Minister for Communications & Information Technology and MP for Hong Kah GRC.

Since the inception of the school, the set of five School Values – Respect, Commitment, Integrity, Compassion and Perseverance” has been established to guide every cohort of Unitians in their character building.

In 2004, the school celebrated 5 Years of Unity (5th School Anniversary) by presenting the musical “To Oz in Unity”.


On 19 December 2005, Miss Tan Siew Piang took over as the second principal of the school. The vision of developing Unity Secondary School into “A school where students and staff have the Passion to Learn, Drive to Excel and Commitment to Serve” was formulated to provide clear direction for staff and students to embark on the journey of achieving school excellence.

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In 2009, the school celebrated 10 Years of Unity (10th School Anniversary) with a fun-fair to raise fund for needy students.

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Unity Secondary School welcomed her third Principal, Mr Chan Ying Yin, on 15 December 2009. A holistic student development framework was formulated to guide the school in Academic Education and Character and Citizenship Education. With the focus on leadership learning as a key platform for student development, the School Motto was reformulated as “Leading Self, Serving Others; Actualising Self. Inspiring Others”. It espouses the aspiration of every Unitian to be a leader of self and others.
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In 2010, the school hosted one of the legs of the torch relay of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games. This has reinforced the school's strong tradition and achievements in sports and fitness.

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In 2014, the school celebrated 15 Years of Unity (15th School Anniversary) by setting two records in the Singapore Book of Records: achieving the “Most Number of People Bouncing Basketball at the Same Time” in the event “The Unity Bounce” and creating the “Largest Thumbprint Art” in the project “Thumbs-up in Unity”. The talent of Unitians and parents were showcased in “The Unity Spirit Art Exhibition” and musical “Rhapsody in Unity III”.


On 15 December 2015, Mdm Aini Maarof took over as the fourth principal of the school. Under the leadership of the new principal, Unity Secondary School continues to strive towards the School Mission of "Empowering Our Students to Develop Themselves to Their Fullest Potential and Contribute to Society", guided by the Unity Thrust :

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As a testament to the efforts and contributions of staff, students and our partners in the journey towards school excellence, Unity Secondary School made significant achievements in many areas. The school is accorded niche school status by MOE in Basketball since 2009 and in Uniformed Groups since 2012. For a holistic student-centric, values-driven education, the school has developed and implemented two distinctive programmes in 2015 aligned to the School Motto. These distinctive programmes aim to develop our students into Confident Persons, Self-Directed Learners, Concerned Citizens and Active Contributors as spelt out in the student outcomes of the MOE 21st Century Competencies Framework. The Unity Applied Learning Programme (ALP), "Inspire through Agro-Bio Science and Technology", enables students to understand the relevance of STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in solving real life problems. The Unity Learning for Life Programme(LLP), "Lead through Outdoors and Sporting Adventures", entails a three-year self-discovery leadership journey where students learn to lead themselves, others and teams.