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Bridging The Gap, 18 Apr 2015

Parenting should be fun and engaging.  The talk introduces kite flying to be used as a meaningful yet intuitive metaphor for parenting.  It encourages parents to reflect upon their parenting relationships with their children.  In the kite-flying metaphor, the child is actually the kite and the parent the kite-flyer.  The only thing that the kite-flyer needs to fly or guide the kite is the string.  Something so seemingly fragile and invisible to the eye can be such a powerful tool in an experienced kite-flyer’s hand.  The string is analogous to the parent-child relationship.  The only thing that loving parents can use to influence their children is the relationship they have with them.

There are two basic premises – one, that every child can “fly”, meaning that every child has potential; and two, that the most important element in drawing out that potential is actually the relationship.  Many parents flock from one training to another not realizing that the knowledge they gain should improve their relationships with their children.  However, the knowledge gained can actually harm the relationships when the act of parenting becomes the end in itself.  Instead, the end should be a satisfying parent-child relationship.  The world we are living in is becoming more and more impersonal by the day, with people slowly being seen as either assets or liabilities.  The talk hopes that this way of parenting can help to return parents to an important aspect of what makes us human – relationships.

Bridging The Gap 18 Apr 2015