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Jewellery Bonding Workshop & Talk on Reaching The Heart 7 Feb 2015

How to reach the heart of your Teen, connect with them and communicate better?  The answer is simple : LOVE THEM!

How can my teen be better behaved, have better results and be motivated?  The answer: LOVE THEM!

Loving your teen is a skill that needs to be learnt and not just a desire!

Psychologist agrees that in every person there is an “emotional tank” that needs to be filled.  When this emotional tank is filled, chances are your child will be more motivated, perform better academically and produce better character.  If the tank is not filled, you will get a discouraged, disengaged and ill-disciplined teen.  Most parents love their child, but some love them in a wrong way and in a way that the child does not perceive as love.  Hence, tension in the family and much misunderstanding.  This parenting talk will cover :

a.       How the emotional tank relates to your child’s performance and behaviour

b.      How to fill the emotional tank of your child practically

This fun-filled Family Bonding workshop is specially designed to combine the parenting talk with a jewellery making activity.  Parents and their teens will come together to discover, learn and acquire the values of effective family bonding.  They will also make something meaningful as a commitment to their relationship and create memory as they progress through life’s journey together.

Partcipants will be taught the basic jewellery making techniques.  An array of irresistible and beautiful semi-precious stones and beads will be provided for participants to create their own jewelleries.  Both parents and their teens will discover the joy of beading.

Parenting Talk on Understanding Your Teenager - Reaching the