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School Fees

School Fees

The rate of monthly school fees, payable for 12 calendar months in a school year, is given in the table below.

Students are strongly encouraged to pay the school fees through GIRO. Deductions will be made on the 26th of every month. Cash payment is to be made at the beginning of each month at the General Office.

Students should settle school fees payment promptly. The school reserves the right to withhold the issuance of examination results slips or certificates to students who have arrears in school fees.

NationalitySchool FeesStandard Miscellaneous Fees2nd Tier Miscellaneous Fees*Total
Singapore Citizen (Malay)0101020
Singapore Citizen (Others)5101025
Permanent Resident1201010140
International Student (Asean)4501010470
International Student (Non-Asean)6501010670

*Students can opt to pay the 2nd Tier Miscellaneous Fees through their Edusave Account instead of cash.