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Step 3: Sec 1 Orientation (4 – 7 January 2022)


Orientation Programme

To help our students better adjust to secondary school life, we have specially designed a week of orientation programme for all our Sec 1 students. Academic lessons will start in Week 2 ( 10 Jan 2022).

For Week 1 & 2, our Sec 1 students will be organised by their orientation group (OG) and there will 2 Character Coaches assigned to look after the student well-being for each OG.

Once students have submitted their option for CCA at the end of week 1, students will be assigned to their respective CCA form class at the end of week 2.

Please refer to the following schedule for the Orientation activities, timing, attire and things to bring.

orientation 2022 22dec.png

You may also download the Sec 1 orientation programme here.

First day of School (4 January 2022, Tue)

All Sec 1 students are to report to the Schools Hall by 0720 on 4 January 2022. Our Unity Councillor will be there to direct the students to their respective classes.

Students are allowed to report in their primary school uniform if the new uniform is not ready.

If students are unable to report to school on the first day of school on 4 January 2022 due to valid reasons, please contact our General Office (No: 6767 1070) directly.

CCA Experience

Our school offers a broad-based and ability driven CCA programme that will help to develop and maximise the potential and talents of our youth beyond the academic aspect.

There will be a CCA briefing on 4 January 2022.  All Sec 1 students will have an opportunity to learn and experience the various CCAs that are offered in Unity Secondary School in week 1. (Refer to orientation programme above) 

Please click here to learn more about our CCAs in Unity Secondary School.


Uniform Group 

Perfoming Arts 

Clubs & Societies 

CCA Policy – LEAPS 2.0

LEAPS 2.0 is a framework to recognise secondary school students’ holistic development.
Please click here to learn more about LEAPS 2.0.

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