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Step 4: Preparing for School


School Expectations

School expectations are set and clearly articulated to inculcate in our students the Unity school values. 
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For students who are already on Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) or intent to apply for FAS, please do not purchase your books and uniform yet. Please proceed to Step 5: Administrative Matters - MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) Application. 

Book Purchase

We strongly encourage all students to purchase their books online. 

You may download the booklist here.

Please click here to process your online purchase.

Uniform Purchase

We strongly encourage all students to purchase their school uniform online. 

Please click here to process your online purchase. 

Personalized Learning Device

Personal Learning Devices (PLDs)  transforms the learning environment as it allows teachers and students to harness technology for greater effectiveness in teaching and learning. The use of the personal learning devices for teaching and learning will support the development of digital literacies in our students as well as develop them as self-directed and collaborative learners.

For more information on the use of PLD in Unity, please click here

By end January 2022, parents/guardians would have received a letter from the school via Parents’ Gateway or hardcopy with details about the PLD.  More information of the device as well as the timeline for receiving the device will be shared through the Parents Engagement Sessions, PG announcements and via the school website updates.  

Safe Management Measures

Due to COVID-19 situation, we strongly encourage all students to complete all their purchases online.

a. Please note that we can only allow a maximum capacity of 50 parents with their child (Only one accompanying parent is allowed) to enter school at any point of time. Safe Management Measures will be in place. All parents will need to check-in the TraceTogether-only SafeEntry, using either the TraceTogether token or app.

If you, your child, or any adult household members are feeling unwell, we seek your understanding and assistance to avoid entering the school premises.

If you still need to come down physically to complete your purchases, do strictly adhere to the following schedule. Do expect a long waiting time.

Orientation Group



0830 – 0930


0930 – 1030


1030 – 1130


1130 – 1230


1230 – 1330


1330 – 1430


1430 – 1530


1530 – 1630

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