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Step 7: Home School Partnership


Sec 1 Parents' Briefing [21 January 2022]

We will be organising an online briefing for all Secondary 1 parents on 21th January 2021, 1830hrs.  Please refer to the notification on Parents Gateway for more information. 

Parents Support Group (PSG)

The PSG consists of a group of dedicated parents who partner the school to support fellow parents in nurturing their children. It is the platform for parents to network, share, learn and support each other in this parenting journey.

Join PSG

If you are interested to join the PSG, click here.

For more information on Unity PSG, click here.

Transition to Secondary School

Your child has arrived at yet another milestone in their life! As they move from primary to secondary school, you might wonder what secondary school life will be like, and how they will adjust to the different environment and routines. 

Your child might also feel anxious as they embark on their secondary school journey. Their anxiety can be turned into excitement if they better prepared for the change and can adapt well to secondary school life – and parents play an important role in helping your child make the transition! 

This issue of Parent Kit provides tips on how you can help your child transit smoothly from Primary School to Secondary 1.


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