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English Language & English Literature

The English Language and Literature curriculum focuses on building language skills necessary for the 21st century. Students get to hone their skills in writing, listening, speaking, viewing and presentation.

A comprehensive school-wide reading programme has been implemented to equip all students with good general knowledge, comprehension skills and an extensive range of vocabulary. Students also learn how to express their opinions through writing and speaking in the expository writing and oral communications workshops organised for them.

Secondary One students get more exposure to the literary arts through a poetry expressions workshop organised to enhance the appreciation and understanding of poetry.

Pedagogies & Modes of Instruction
There is emphasis on collaborative learning where students learn through discussions and peer work. ICT is harnessed as a tool and platform for collaborative and self-directed learning to take place.

The use of visual and audio stimuli through print and non-print media also provides students with more authentic learning experiences.

Key Programmes & Activities 
  • Reading Programme
  • Oral Communications and Media Literacy Workshop
  • Discursive and Argumentative Writing Workshop
  • Poetry Expressions Workshop
  • English Excellence Programme
  • EL Week
  • Learning Journeys


The Music curriculum focuses on exposing students to various genres of music such as classical, pop and musicals. Students are enriched with the history of different eras of music, as well as how music has evolved over the centuries.

Pedagogies & Modes of Instruction
Music is learned through hands-on sessions which engage all the five senses. The use of visuals and multi-media enables students to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of different art forms.

Students also learn collaboratively when they engage in group work such as Project Runway for Art and creating their own musicals for Music.

Key Programmes & Activities

  • Sec 2 Esplanade Tour and Drama Appreciation
  • Sec 3NT Guitar Enrichment Programme
  • Sec 4NT Hip Hop Enrichment Programme