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Indian Orchestra

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Names of Teachers-in-Charge

Overall Teacher IC

Mr Sony Rajan

Teacher IC

Mrs Mangaiyarkarasi Ganesh Kumar


Weekly Schedule

CCA Day(s)



3:45 - 6:30

Wednesday (Sem 1)

3:45 - 6:30


Achievements & Accomplishments


  • Certificate of Accomplishment at SYF Arts Presentation 2017
  • Performed in Gusto! @Republic Polytechnic
  •           Performed in 37th Tamil Language Festival @UPTLC, Beatty Road
  •         VIA @Rama Krishna Boys’ Home, Bartley Road


  •  Performed in Rhapsody IV @Victoria Theatre
  •   Performed in Awards Night 2016


  • Certificate of Accomplishment at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation
  • Participated in SG50 Celebration at Yew Tee Community Center
  • Performed in Chinese New Year Celebrations @Unity
  • Performed in Awards Night 2015
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