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Library Club

CCA Open House 2015.jpg


Names of Teachers-in-Charge

Overall Teacher IC


Mrs Charmaine Sng


Teacher IC


Ms Leow Shu Fen



Weekly Schedule

CCA Day(s)


Wednesdays (meeting)

3.45pm – 6.15pm

Activities(Ad-Hoc, no more than 6 Saturdays per Calendar Year)


9am - 12noon
(Selected Saturday)

Achievements & Accomplishments



  •            Certificate of Participation in National Story Challenge 2017
  •            Participation in Story-telling Workshops 1&2 by The Theatre Practice
  •            Learning Journey to Dialogue in the Dark
  •            Participation in NLB Read for Books Charity Drive 2017
  •            Conduct of School-wide Library Renovation Survey and presentation to School Leaders


  •  CCA Open House
  •  Blind Date with a Book (Valentine’s Day event)
  •  Reader’s Interest Profile Workshop
  •   Wicked Reads Workshop (Graphic Book + Wordless Picture Book Discussion)
  •   Library Club T-shirt Design
  •   Library Book Collection Updating Exercise (Book Purchases by students and teachers)
  •   Avid Readers Workshop
  •   Optical Illusion Workshop
  •   Mobile Library Preparation + Marketing
  •   Used Books Giveaway
  •   Mobile Library @ Recess




  • CCA Open House
  • Books to Go (Mass Book Borrowing for Unity Cohort)
  • Community Engagement(Book Dramatisation VIA at CCK NLB)
  • Book Display Workshops
  • Read Reap Write Workshop(Upper Secondary)
  • Wicked Reads Workshop(Lower Secondary)
  • Learning Journey - "Book of Secrets"(Jurong Regional Library)
  • National Story Challenge


Book Dramatisation at CCK NLB.jpg