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Cultural Education

Cultural Education

The school’s Cultural Education Programme (CEP) aims to nurture culturally confident and knowledgeable Unitians who enjoy cross cultural interactions. It is underscored by the belief that changing global and education landscape calls for students to be equipped with global awareness and cross cultural skills in order to help them become confident persons and concerned citizens. The CEP also exposes Unitians to Asia and the world through the lesson packages on specific countries as well as food tasting sessions (learning culture through food). At the same time, students get the opportunity to appreciate other countries cultural performance during special assembly slots.


The Cultural Education Programme also looks at deepening Unitians knowledge and sensitising them to the different world cultures by supporting students in their overseas learning journey. These overseas learning journeys include opportunities for interaction between Unitians and their overseas counterparts. Overseas learning journeys are powerful learning experiences for the students to reflect upon and deepen their commitment and rootedness to Singapore. A pre and post guided reflection is given to students going on the overseas learning journey. This is to ensure that students are able to understand the cultural practices of the country that they are visiting and helps them in their interactions with their overseas friends.


CEP also adopts the 3H approach and the 4-Factor Model of Cultural Intelligence (CQ).  The school’s cultural education programmes build the CQ Drive and CQ Knowledge of students by equipping them with cultural knowledge (Head) and providing opportunities for them to put into action (CQ Strategy and CQ Action), what they have learnt (Hand) during local and overseas experiences so that they can find confidence and enjoyment (Heart) in cross-cultural interactions.

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