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Environmental Education

Environmental Education

The schools’s Environment Education Programme aims to:

- promote awareness and appreciation of the environmental issues via the 3R practices.

- inculcate green habits in students and staff to care for the environment.

- inspire students and staff to embrace a green lifestyle to serve as role models to their peers and the larger community.

 Unity has developed a 4/5 year programme for the students where they are exposed to both local and global environment issues. It has incorporated Environmental Education in both formal and informal curricula as well as teachable moments. Students are taught environmental-related issues during formal curriculum such as Earth Week Assembly programmes, Character and Leadership Education (CLE) Lessons, Instructional Programme (IP) such as Geography, Science and Design & Technology & Art. Informal curriculum such as Values In Action Programmes organised by the school and respective CCAs and Learning Journeys also enhance the environmental education programme.

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Unity continues to work closely with our partners in co-designing the Environment Education curriculum and outreach projects to provide greater learning opportunities for our students. NParks, National Environment Agency, Public Utilities Board, Singapore Environment Council and SEMBCORP support us in our green initiatives and providing the space and resources to learn outdoors.


We believe that the key to the sustainability of our green efforts resides in the support and commitment of the staff and students in Unity as well as the parents. Through the varied activities, the committee hopes to cultivate a responsible citizen who is concerned about the environment he/she lives in and actively contributes to the well- being of the environment we all share.