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Class Council

Class Councillors


  • To provide opportunities for development of leadership and initiatives among students.
  • To build up morale and sense of belonging in the class.
  • To improve the general cleanliness, tone and discipline of the class.
  • To establish a conducive environment for learning to take place.
  • To promote teacher-student and student-student communication in the class.
  • To develop group/team responsibility.
  • To foster care and concern among the students.


The class council comprises the following members:

Chairperson 1 Member
 Vice Chairperson-cum-Safety Monitor 1 Member
Environment Monitor  1 Member
 CLE Monitor  1 Member
ICT Monitor 1 Member

In addition, Subject Representatives will be selected by subject teachers where necessary. Information on student leadership will be captured in the Student Leadership Chart.


Class Council will assist in school events:

  • Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC)
    • Arrangement of schedule of the appointments
    • To be on duty for each respective class on day of PTC

  • Teachers’ Day Celebration
    • Plan and organise celebration at the class level

Class Council will organise:
  • At least 1 class outing to establish bonding among the peers in the class
  • At least 1 student-initiated VIA
  • At least 2 class meetings per year

Class Council will maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the classroom:

  • Maintain class noticeboard
  • Maintain an attendance column on the class white board
  • Draw up and monitor duty roster



  • To assist the form teacher(s)/ subject teachers in the efficient running of the class
  • To give command to greet/ thank the teachers before and after lesson
  • To update the attendance column of the whiteboard daily
  • To maintain the discipline of the class at all times especially in the absence of the teacher
  • To ensure that the students in the class follow the routines and procedures as spelt out in the Student Development Handbook.
  • To organise the class into buddy systems to ensure that classmates who are absent will be kept informed of the daily assignments, etc.
  • To maintain and update the Student Leadership Chart
  • To assist in the administrative roles of the form teacher(s) such as collection of consent forms, reply slips, etc.
  • To prepare agenda and hold council meeting at least once a term
  • To prepare agenda and hold class meeting once a semester
  • To serve as the role of class treasurer, where necessary

Vice Chairperson-cum-Safety Monitor

  • To take over the role of Chairperson in his/her absence
  • To assist the Chairperson  in the day-to-day running of the class
  • To assist the Chairperson in maintaining the discipline of the class
  • To plan and organise at least one class outing or gathering with the knowledge of the form teacher(s)
  • To assist in taking minutes of council and class meetings
  • To inform office of any vandalism or breakdown of equipment
  • To be aware of the emergency evacuation procedures and assist the teacher(s) to lead the class to the assembly area
  • To disseminate safety information and messages to the class
  • To provide first-aid assistance to injured classmates
  • To lookout for safety hazard and report to VPA/OM
  • To lookout for facilities and equipment that are not functioning well and report to OM.
  • To accompany classmates who are not feeling well to the sickbay with the knowledge of form teacher(s)/subject teacher(s)
  • To assist the teacher in ensuring a safe environment for the class

Environment Monitor

  • To perform the role of an environment champion
  • To come up with the duty roster for students in maintaining the cleanliness of the classroom and ensure that the duties are carried out
  • To work with classmates to provide a conducive physical environment for learning to take place in the classroom
  • To ensure that the classmates help to keep the classroom clean and litter-free at the start and the end of the day
  • To ensure that no classmates eat or drink in class
  • To serve as class representatives for school environment activities
  • To disseminate the Environment Education information to the class
  • To ensure that all notices in the class are well-maintained

Character & Leadership Education (CLE) Monitor

  • To perform the role of class Character and Leadership Education (CLE) champion
  • To assist the form teacher(s) in disseminating CLE information for the class
  • To assist the form teacher(s) in disseminating National Education (NE) information to the class
  • To assist the form teacher(s) in disseminating Values in Action (VIA) Programme information to the class
  • To assist the form teacher(s) in organising and implementing the structured and student-initiated VIAs.

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Monitor

  • To perform the role of class Cyber Wellness (CW) Ambassador
  • To assist the form teacher(s) in disseminating CW information to the class
  • To serve as class representative for CW activities
  • To assist teachers in the setting up of IT equipment for teaching and learning
  • To ensure maintenance of IT equipment in the classroom