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Pastoral Care & Discipline (PCD)


Central to our philosophy of “Build Trust with Care, Build Rapport with Trust, Build Discipline with Rapport, Build Pride with Discipline”, the school has put in place system, structure and processes to promote the total well-being for our students.

Upon entry to a new class at the beginning of the year, each student is assigned a form teacher who will take care of the well-being of the child. To promote better and meaningful communications and interactions between students and teachers, specific time is set aside for Teacher-Pupil Conference for all students in Semester one. During the conference, teachers are given the opportunity to better understand their students’ needs and expectations. Issues that students may have are referred to the different channels for additional support.       The school has a system to identify students who need counselling support. Students are also encouraged to make use of the self-referral system to seek counsellor’s advice where necessary.

The school adopts an approach of building discipline with rapport and the school’s discipline committee works closely with students, parents and teachers to build rapport. Discipline with rapport thus aims to gain acceptance of the actions by students, the support of teachers and the understanding of parents.

In promoting school pride, the school has also various platforms such as the Pride and Joy Ceremony during morning assembly to recognise students’ efforts and achievements. In addition to MOE awards, various school-based Character and Leadership awards have also been put in place to recognise students’ exemplary behaviour and leadership.

Through the Pastoral Care and Discipline programme, the school hopes to inculcate the right values and build on the inner strengths of each Unitian so that he or she will exude a strong sense of pride, a high level of self-motivation and discipline, and have the confidence to manage the demands of the future.