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School Counselling


School Counselling is an integral part of the Pastoral Care programme in Unity Secondary School. For the development of our students into healthy and effective individuals, their social-emotional development is as crucial as their physical and intellectual developments.

School Counselling offers support for students who are:

  • dealing with the challenges at school or at home
  • interested in understanding themselves better
  • experiencing relationship difficulties
  • feeling depressed or anxious
  • experiencing loss or bereavement
  • facing a significant turning point
  • having queries regarding educational courses & career options. 

Through counselling, our students could get better support in the following areas:

a.    Have a better understanding of the origins and development of emotional difficulties which enable them to have better control of their feelings and actions;

b.    Develop a more positive attitude towards their self and acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses;

c.    Learn to analyse a problem and develop strategies to work towards a solution;

d.    Learn to acquire social and interpersonal skills such as effective communication and anger control etc;

e.    Identify their personal work values, career interests and preferences to increase motivation for studies.

Referral For School Counselling

CounselReferral.jpgThe school has a system to identify students who need counselling support as shown in the flowchart.

Under the system, students can make self-referral for school counselling.

For counselling appointments with the school counsellor, call:
Ext. 325 or Ext. 324