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Character and Leadership Learning



The school nurtures the leadership potential of all its students through contextualizing character and citizenship education as leadership development. Leadership contextualisation for character development is adopted to help students find greater relevance and contextual meaning in learning values and putting them into action. A whole-school approach is embraced in the character and leadership development of our students. The effort of the school in the area of leadership learning is encapsulated in the Leadership Learning Framework which supports the operationalization of Strategic Thrust 3 – Every Student a Leader.


A two-phased approach is adopted in ensuring that every student is able to lead self and serve others, and then to actualize self and inspire others. This approach is anchored on the 5 school values: respect, integrity, compassion, commitment and perseverance and underpinned by the three principles of engaged leadership learning: Head, Heart and Hands (3H) where the knowledge on values and leadership skills gained through both the formal and informal curricula, and opportunities provided for our students through experiential learning form the platforms through which character and leadership can be actualized.

The students will be developed as leaders of self and leaders of others, and those with more leadership potential will take on roles as leaders of teams and leaders of leaders. Ultimately, every Unitian can be developed into a committed leader guided by sound values and effective life-skills.

Character and Leadership Development

The school’s Character and Leadership Development (CLD) programme comprises the Character and Leadership Education (CLE) curriculum which is taught explicitly through the 4-period CLE lessons in a week, as well as the various experiential learning platforms provided for the character and development of the students. The CLD programme focus on leadership learning in the areas of:
  1. Life skills and values;
  2. National Education;
  3. Values-in-action;
  4. Sexuality Education;
  5. Cyber Wellness;
  6. Aesthetic Education;
  7. Cultural Education;
  8. Environment Education;
  9. Education and Career Guidance; and
  10. Co-Curricular Activities
As part of CLE, life skills and values are taught explicitly to the students. These lessons are anchored on the school’s core values of Respect, Compassion, Integrity, Commitment and Perseverance.  The lesson resources are taken from MOE Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) Branch and are also developed by a team of staff in the school based on the cognitive ability and developmental needs of the students. The lessons also serve to equip the students with the social-emotional competencies of Self Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management and Responsible Decision making, as well as the emerging 21st century competencies of having Global awareness and Cross-cultural skills, Critical and Inventive thinking, and Information and Communication Skills.

The CLD level outcomes which are aligned to the MOE CCE Learning Outcomes, the school motto and school values guide the school in its planning and implementation of the CLD programmes.

Unity CLD Level Outcomes
Sec 1 A Unitian with self-awareness and self-management skills and the ability to lead self with respect and integrity.
 Sec 2 A Unitian with social awareness and relationship management skills and one who shows respect and compassion to serve others. 
 Sec 3 A Unitian with the ability to make responsible and informed decision regarding national issues, and one who demonstrates commitment and perseverance to actualise self. 
Sec 4 & 5 A Unitian with the ability to respond to global issues and one who perseveres and inspires others as a leader.