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Direct School Admission (DSA)

Actualising Sportsmanship Through Basketball Programme


The DSA-Sec Exercise was first introduced in 2004 as part of MOE's move towards a more flexible and broad-based education system. Under the DSA-Sec Exercise, participating secondary schools will be able to select a percentage of their students for admission outside of the centralised posting system, via their own selection criteria. These criteria can include diverse academic and non-academic achievements and talents.

In April 2009, MOE approved Unity Secondary School as one of the schools under the DSA-Sec Exercise for niche development in Basketball. From 2010 - 2017, Unity Secondary School had been offering up to 5% of the Secondary One places to students with talent in basketball, to build on our niche area in basketball.

With the tweak in the DSA-Sec-Exercise for 2018 whereby all schools can offer up to 20% of the Secondary One places to students, Unity Secondary School, with the years of experience, is well-equipped with the expertise to maximise the potential of this larger pool of talent. 

School Vision 

Our vision is to nurture students to Lifelong Learners, Inspiring Leaders. We believe that sports provide a platform to equip our students with the values of Respect, Compassion, Commitment, Integrity and Perseverance to develop the child leadership qualities.


The tables below summarises our basketball achievements which affirms the effective structures and processes that we have put in place within the programme despite our school’s short history.

Unity Basketball Boys Team
BB Boys achievement.JPG
Unity Basketball Girls Team
BBgirl achievement.JPG

*Unity Sec did not send a B Division Boys team in 2001 and 2002. Unity Sec started the Basketball girls programme in 2003 and did not send a B Division Girls team in 2004 and 2005. NSG was cancelled in 2020.

Over the past few years, Unity has produced many outstanding players who went on to represent Singapore Schools as well as Singapore at youth, national and professional levels. Unity Secondary School provides a conducive environment for our players to develop character and to achieve excellence.


Unity Secondary School has a comprehensive development programme to groom our basketballers into outstanding players.  Besides building the essential skills and knowledge, the programme is structured to provide players with a range of experiences that go beyond just playing of the game. These include

  • Umpiring matches
  • Organising intra- and inter-school tournaments
  • Coaching junior players
  • Mental Strength Training
  • Overseas Training Tours

We have a team of passionate, committed and experienced teachers and coaches who oversee the physical, social and emotional well-being as well as the academic progress of the players.

For more information on our school and DSA programmes, do visit our DSA website at https://tinyurl.com/unitydsa

Selection Criteria

1.    Physical Proficiency Test

Applicants will undergo a physical proficiency test which will includes evaluation on Speed, Strength, Agility Jumping ability and Stamina.

2.    Basketball Skills Assessment

Applicants will undergo a basketball skill assessment which will includes evaluation on Ball handling skill, Game awareness and Teamwork

3.    Interview

Applicants will go through an interview on the selection day.

4.    Review of primary school academic results, testimonials, conduct and CCA records.

Parents and students are encouraged to choose schools wisely based on the student’s aptitudes and strengths, bearing in mind the schools’ academic and non-academic requirements, and the programmes available to develop the area of talent.

Students who are successfully admitted to the school via DSA are expected to honour their commitment to the school, and participate in the activities related to the talent they are selected for from year 1-4.

Application Procedure

Important Dates

DSA Process

5 May 2022, Thursday

Start of application process at 11am

1 June 2022, Wednesday

Application ends at 3pm

2 July 2022, Saturday

DSA Selection 1

16 July 2022, Saturday

DSA Selection 2 (for those who cannot make it for selection 1)

By 12 September 2022

Notification of DSA-Sec Admission via post. All applicants will receive a letter. Please inform the school if you do not receive a letter.

31 October 2022 to

4 November 2022, 3pm

School Preference Submission

DSA-Sec candidates who receive at least one DSA-Sec offer may indicate up to three school preferences. They can do so online via the DSA-Sec portal or at their primary schools.

1.    Parents can log in to the DSA-Sec portal with SingPass to apply. 

Application for DSA-Sec can be submitted through the online DSA-Sec Portal. The application is free-of-charge and will be open from 5 May 2022, 11am to 1 June 2022, 3pm. For more details, please refer to MOE website – www.moe.gov.sg/dsa-sec.

2.    If you are unable to apply online, approach your child's primary school for assistance.

Closing date for DSA application is 1 June 2022.

Given the prevailing national posture, DSA-Sec schools will be conducting in-person selection for all DSA talent areas for 2022 DSA-Sec, with the prevailing safe management measures (SMMs) in place to ensure the safety of students and staff

All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via post by 12 September 2022.


Other applicants not studying in MOE mainstream primary schools. They need to apply for a Registration Number (RGxxxxxxx) to access the DSA-Sec Portal. Schools may refer them to MOE website at: https://go.gov.sg/nmsdsa-sec-application


Mr Low Yee Fun


Tel: 67671070 ext 210

Email: low_yee_fun@moe.edu.sg


Mr Toh Yong Yuan

DSA Coordinator
Tel: 67671070 ext 288


General Office 

Email: unity_ss@moe.edu.sg

Frequently Asked Questions

Actualising Sportsmanship Through Basketball Programme 

1. Who can apply for DSA?

All Primary 6 students who meet the selection criteria.

2. How do I apply?

Students can apply through the DSA-Sec portal with their parent’s SingPass. Alternatively, students and parents may approach the primary school for assistance.

3. Are there any specific selection criteria?

Basketball skill test, interview and primary school academic results will be taken into consideration for the DSA selection.

4. When and how will I know the results of my application?

All applicants will be informed of the results of their application by post.


5. What is the frequency and duration of the basketball training?

Basketball training will be thrice per week (Mon, Wed and Fri). 2-3 hours per session.


6. Must my child meet your schools’ minimum cut-off points even if he is selected through DSA for admission to your school?

Under the DSA-Sec Exercise, participating secondary schools will be able to select a percentage of their students for admission outside of the centralised posting system, via their own selection criteria. As long as your child equalities for either the Express, Normal Academic or Normal Technical stream, he/she is eligible for admission to our school via DSA. 


 Updated : 5th May, 2022